​​Pianist Hilda Huang came to international attention after being awarded first prize in the 2014 Leipzig International Bach Competition. Her performances of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and more recently Ludwig van Beethoven have been hailed for achieving “philosophical depths” (West-Allgemeine Zeitung) and for possessing an “alluring extroversion” (New York Concert Review); she has been praised for a “mind that can multi-task and ears that can... ‘multi-listen’” (San Francisco Examiner). Read More








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 Portrait by Jason Liu

 Portrait by Maxwell Tiedemann

 Portrait by Maxwell Tiedemann


J.S. Bach: Partita in E minor, BWV 830

Toccata, Allemande, Corrente, Air, Sarabande, Tempo di Gavotte, Gigue (2016)

L.v. Beethoven:

33 Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli

Yale University, 2019

J.S. Bach:

Overture in the French Style, BWV 831

SF Noontime Concerts, Old St. Mary's Cathedral, 2019

Video courtesy of Kevin McGlynn

L.v. Beethoven:

Piano Sonata No. 26 in B-flat major, "Hammerklavier" Op. 106

Yale University, 2017

Photo by Asa Mathat

"... The Hammerklavier Sonata in B-flat major, Opus 106 requires a special mastery and maturity of the interpretive pianist... The only 21-year-old pianist Hilda Huang succeeded... [She] internalized this Beethoven in an astonishing way; she did not choose a fast tempo but rather one that challenged the listener's structural hearing. ... Mozart's sonata in A minor KV310, with a beautifully singing Andante sounded brilliant and stylish under her hands. From the Johannes Brahms's Six Piano Pieces, Op. 118 she elicited an inspiring openness of form.

This was a piano-evening of

philosophical depth! 

-Nina Schröder, West-Allgemeine Zeitung, 2017 (read the full review)


Thuermer Konzerte

In Recital

Bach French Overture and

Beethoven Diabelli Variations

Bochum, DE

21 September, 2019

Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts

In Recital

Chicago, IL, USA

6 November, 2019

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